Thursday, February 28, 2013

IBOtoolbox - Why Should YOU Comment?

IBOtoolbox is a free business marketing platform.

There are so many tools and features that you will get access to when you join for free. YOU can grow your business by getting massive exposure and free targeted traffic worldwide.

IBOtoolbox is so great because of the professional business associates here. This is not an ordinary site and it's very unique too.

When I say unique, I mean that when you make a comment on the IBO wall it will be indexed and ranked. This is why your comment should be a communication to the person who you are speaking to. It should not say "bump to the top" or anything similar to this. I see this all the time and it's not a relevant comment. Since your comments are being indexed and ranked in the search engines, it is putting your name on the internet and when people do a search on your name they will surely see your vague comment if this is the kind of comment you leave on the IBO wall. This will not be a good impression and will work against you.

Internet marketing is a people business.  This means meeting people and taking the time to get to know people first. It takes time and your focus must be on building a relationship. This is what makes IBOtoolbox so great, there are new associates joining everyday so you will always be meeting new people which you can get to know, like and trust.

All the tools here is geared to help you do this. It's a no brainer because the tools are free to use.

I have been a member of IBOtoolbox since May 2011 and I recommend anyone reading this to join me immediately. Yes it is a great system and the one tool I really like is the press release tool.


When you post a new press release, it is being syndicated out to several social sites. Also the major plus here is, when you have indexable content (meaning your keywords or tags) it will get indexed and ranked very quickly. This means free organic traffic from the search engines and this is what you want. Speaking from my experience, I have posted press releases and they have been indexed and ranked in the number one position on the first page in 20 minutes or less. This is powerful and what we all need to get free targeted traffic and make money online.

Also you get massive exposure because IBO members are there to help you by reading, commenting and sharing your press release to the various social sites.

When an IBO member leave a comment on your press release, this creates a backlink to their IBOsocial profile page. You see this is just another powerful reason to be a part of IBOtoolbox because there is so many ways that this business platform works for you.

I want to share one more thing with you before I go. When you click on the banner below, you will go to my online business card. What you will find there?  It's all about me, Terri Pattio and what I do. My business website, videos, press releases. It's branding me and my business online!!

Now what's stopping you from joining. Take action now and grow your business, gain massive exposure and get free targeted traffic from the search engines.

This is Terri Pattio  signing out and I look forward to seeing you on IBOtoolbox.

I wish you much success in your life and business.

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  1. This answers now only why a person should comment it also says how. The proper way is to look at the keywords, add to the discussion if possible, and use the keywords in your comment if possible.

  2. My point in sharing this post Dennis was to show people how IBOtoolbox works for getting your name on the internet plus indexing too. Of course your comments should be to initiate communication with people and get to know them. It really doesn't involve sticking keywords in your comments. They should be conversational, just like you would socialize offline.

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