Thursday, January 9, 2014

Best Traffic Exchange - Is On IBOexchange developed by IBOtoolbox

IBOexchange is another platform developed by IBOtoolbox. The website has many benefits to offer business owners and internet marketers to get traffic to their website.

Today I will be talking about the manual traffic exchange part. I find it to be unique meaning that it gives a visitor more time on your page.

How does this work?

It works this way, a member is showed a variety of sites to view and they will get 1 to 10 coins as  a visitor on the website. You must visit that page for the number of  coins times 10. (ex. 9 coins x 10 equals 90 seconds on that page). This is unique because if you are a member of manual traffic exchanges then you know that the timer is usually about 8 to 25 seconds.  If your page is attention getting and has a good offer, the potential is greater for a visitor to your page to opt-in or sign up to your business opportunity. This is win win and a no brainer.

I find this to be so cool and IBOexchange is the best traffic exchange and they will give you 50 coins to register and 50 coins as a daily bonus. This is a must for internet marketers and business owners to get what they need most - TRAFFIC to their websites.

After you register for your FREE account at IBOexchange, then I highly recommend that you join IBOtoolbox with me and I will help you to set up your profile (it is your online business card). After you do this, YOU will get 500 credits (2,500 ads) which you can use to advertise your business worldwide to targeted prospects. Additionally I will give you 100 credits as well (A total of 3,000 ads). The CTR is 3% - 7% when you advertise using the IBOtoolbox platform. This is a site for independent business owners to brand their name online, get massive exposure and targeted traffic from the search engines PLUS meet other business associates. The IBOtoolbox platform gets over 250K targeted visitors daily (this is search engine traffic).

One quick note, as a member of IBOtoolbox it is not smart or professional to send emails to your new business associate and pitch on them about your business. Keep in mind this is a business platform and YOU can post about your business on the IBO wall which gives you exposure for potential prospects (non-members) outside of the platform to see.

What to do after setting up your business profile?

The first thing to do is introduce yourself by writing a press release about you and your business. When you publish a press release, you will earn credits which you can use to advertise your business (original content only with indexable keywords will get you traffic from the search engines).

What to do after an associates accepts your request?

You must get to know the person once they have accepted your request. I recommend you check out their business profile, read their press release and leave a relevant comment which is a backlink to your business page. Everything you do on IBOtoolbox gets indexed and will give you exposure and branding on the internet. Most associates will accept you right away. I am telling you all this because I want you to succeed in the IBO community because it works when you learn and apply the IBO spirit.

CLICK HERE to learn how the IBO spirit works in the community.

CLICK HERE to join IBOtoolbox now. They're both free and I'm completely satisfied with my business.

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