Friday, March 12, 2010

Are You Using Text and Banner ad exchanges?

If not, then you are not getting targeted traffic to your website.

YOU are probably using traffic exchanges just to get FREE website traffic. But it's not what you call targeted website traffic. The important question is, how do you get this traffic to your website for FREE? Let me elaborate on that some more, traffic exchanges are good for getting some inexpensive advertising, and building your list by giving something away to people who view your page to get credits so they can show you theirs.

Don't get me wrong, traffic exchanges when done correctly will work for you. Here's the key, you really want TARGETED TRAFFIC, and that's where TEXT and BANNER AD exchanges can get you that targeted website traffic.

It's great when you can have a great ad and put it out there for all to see, plus get great results and conversions. If your ad is excellent people will click on your ad to see what you've got. That's TARGETED TRAFFIC. But your ad shouldn't be misleading, and what I mean by that is, when people click on your ad they expect to see what your ad is all about. You must increase your brand and reputation so it's excellent.

Now if you want to know which ones I use, these are excellent text and banner ad exchanges. I believe in them and they are very effective at getting targeted website traffic which is what you want.

Now here's a list of my FAVORITES:

Cash in on banners - Get A Million+ of Guaranteed Visitors - FREE!


Tezzers Traffic Power

TrafficAdBar delivers 1,022 visitors to your websites every 3 days for free.

Leadsleap - Free Lead Generation System

Adzly - Your ads on thousands of targeted websites free!

IBOtoolbox - Social and Business Platform

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