Saturday, October 29, 2011

Improve Search Engine Rankings - You Can Do It, When YOU Learn How. It's Easy As 1-2-3!

That's right. All YOU need to do is take the time and learn how. That is what I am about to tell you in this post. It is quite easy to get indexing, and it is easy to get ranking when you know what to do in the beginning. By taking the time to learn this one skill, it will get you TOP search engine rankings and increase traffic to your website allowing you to make money online.

Many people make the mistake in thinking that being indexed on the first page of Google is good. This is great news, and here's my point I want to drive home to you.

Answer: If they are not being searched for then odds are slim and none of you getting any search engine traffic. You will have to rely on using sites like Facebook and Twitter to get traffic to your website. Don't get me wrong, it's nothing wrong with that but it's not so great knowing that you're not getting search engine traffic. You do want to retire and enjoy life, then you must learn this skill now.

That is what I will be sharing with you and how to find those keywords that will get you the TARGETED WEBSITE VISITORS!


There are several ways to find your keywords in your niche so that you can make your selection of the appropriate words to get you the desired results from the search engines. Your website or blogs must be optimized, and what that means, you want to make it very easy for the search engines to find, index and rank your site. This is referred to as search engine optimization (SEO). If you're a total newbie, then I will do my very best to give this information to you in an understandable way. I want you to get this so that you will have success and make money online. You need search engine traffic, and you are about to learn how to do it here and now.

Let's begin with the keywords I have chosen to write this post. My first keyword is "Improve search engine rankings" and the reason why I chose this word is because it has 119 daily searches and the competing websites is 3,940,000. You might say that is a lot of websites, it is and it will take work to get it ranked to the number one spot in Google and the search engines but it is well worth it, and I do love a challenge. How did I do the research on finding this keyword, as I said before there are many ways of doing this.

1. You can go to Google and type in a word in the search bar and there you will find the number of results for that word. This is the competition for that keyword, and you normally want to start out with a smaller number then what I have chosen (using a range of 500 to 2,000 results would be suitable until you get it ranked number one).

2. You can use a free keyword research tool that I like to use called "" it will give you the number of searches being done on the word you are trying to get ranked for.

3. Keyword research software is another way of getting the data you need in choosing the keywords, you can find software on the internet or I encourage you to use the FREE version of Traffic Travis. I find that it gives great results because it tells you the daily search volume for your chosen keyword and you can make your decision based on what you find out when you go to Google and check the competition.

4. When you have done the steps above, it is now time to get busy writing your content for your website or blog. Keeping in mind that you will want to have your keyword in the title, and in the body at the beginning and at the end (no more than 2 to 3 times is sufficient) YOU DON'T WANT TO OVERDO BECAUSE THE SEARCH ENGINES WILL SEE THIS AS SPAM AND PROBABLY BURY YOUR WEBSITE AND IT WON'T GET INDEXED OR RANKED!
Make your content informative and valuable to the many readers that will be coming to your site when you do it correctly. I have given you the BEST plan for success with SEO (search engine optimization.

5. BACKLINKS The next thing is getting backlinks to your site. So what are backlinks? This is what tells the search engines that your website or blog exist, and is worth indexing and ranking. In simpler language, links that point back to your site. Google doesn't follow all links and give weight to them. Some sites have what is called a NoFollow. A NoFollow link tells Google not to follow links on their page.

Dofollow links gives your site weighting, and they get counted and it passes 'link juice' onto your site and it gets ranked better.

How do you get these backlinks so you can tell Google and the search engines about your website or blog? It's really simple, and I am going to hip you to a cool tool I have been using for a while now and getting great results and it's FREE. When you are ready to tell the world about your site, then you simply submit it to a site called Socialmonkee. YOU see that banner on the left, simply sign up and get your free account and get busy submitting your site to the social bookmarking sites. Don't know what a social bookmarking site is? Not much to say about it, the name is self explanatory. By submitting your sites to the social bookmarking sites will give you the backlinks you need to tell Google and all the search engines about your site(s). The more backlinks you get, the faster you will get indexed and ranked. Well I believe I have covered it all and I want to offer my assistance to you if there is anything that is unclear to you. YOU can find me on Facebook or Twitter.

If YOU can't find me on either of those places, then you can surely find me at a rising UNIQUE business platform that is really getting me a lot of viral advertising, just click here IBOtoolbox and I will be happy to help you anyway I can.

It is my sincerest hope that I have helped you to understand the importance of doing each step that I have outline for you. Cheers to your getting the search engine traffic you desire.

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