Friday, February 21, 2014

Twitter - Marketing Your Business Using Hashtags

Are YOU on Twitter? If not then you must get an account after reading this post. The information I'm about to share will help you to get massive exposure and traffic using Twitter.

Today I will be talking about the Twitter hashtag. Those who are not familiar with it, I am going to tell you what it is.

The hashtag is power and was first used on Twitter. Now other social media sites are beginning to use it. It will allow you to search for a targeted market or group of people in real time. Keep reading and learn more about it.

The hashtag is more commonly known as the pound sign, it was also short for the word number. It serves two purposes  in Twitter. First it signifies a group of people who have come together on the same subject and second, its used to use the Twitter search engine to find topics of more specific interest.

An example of how I use it for my content syndication network for bloggers and article writers. I created a hashtag so that site members can use Twitter search by typing the hashtag I created in the search engine and they can see all the blog post that members have made on the site.  They can click the link and read the post from the site, leave comment/reply and retweet it to their followers. This is a great way to give that post more exposure, social signal and traffic as well.

Since our community is a group of bloggers and article writers, we all take time to read, comment and share blog post to the various social and bookmarking sites for SEO purposes.

Now let's say you want to search for people who are bloggers, so you would type in
(#bloggers or #blog) and your search results will give you people who have used this keyword in their tweet in real time. This is a way to meet other bloggers and interact with them. You can follow them or retweet their tweet. They will get an email that you retweeted their tweet, now they will follow you back. You can now send them an email to communicate and get to know them, this is relationship building and it is critical to do this especially if you are marketing a product or service using your blog. 

Where should you place your hashtag? Using it at the start of the message can allow the message to update a whole group of people in real time. You can put it in the middle or the end of the message and you should never use no more than three hashtags in a message because it will be seen as spam. I have been noticing that some people are using hashtags in the description of their profile, it serves no purpose because it shows people that you don't know how to use the hashtag.

In closing I will share one more thing you should know about hashtags and this is very important. Your content should be characterized meaning that it should be used before a keyword or phrase on Twitter. An example is (#networkmarketing or #network #marketing) your message might look like this "How to generate #networkmarketing leads!" or your message might say "#network #marketing lead generation training."  You can categorize specific tweets and they are easy to find in Twitter search. Your tweeted message will be in the category of network marketing and for the hashtag or keyword in real time. A warning you should know about, hashtags will not be found in private search.

If you have found my post informative then please comment below and share on your favorite social site so more people will know about the hashtag on Twitter and it's use.

Thank you for reading and I wish you much success in all you do.

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