Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweeva - Why I Go To This Site Everyday?

There are many reasons that I go here, and yes the first one would be to get traffic to my sites. That's not the only reason though, I like how unique it is. It's social browsing with a twist, you can chat with others while you are sweeving. Now I guess you are wondering what is 'Sweeving' and how do you do it?

Simply put it's browsing, instead of using the word surfing as you do with other traffic exchanges it's referred to as sweeving on Sweeva. That in itself is different, you got to admit. Yet there are many other reasons that I come here everyday, and I will list them all for you and explain as much as possible so that you will understand why I recommend you join me here.

The first and most important reason is, it's free to join. Know this there is an option to upgrade (I recommend you take a look at it) and you will reap some great benefits each month from doing that. I will not list them all here but you can check them out for yourself if and when you decide to join.

Secondly, is the chat feature that's available so that you can interact with others while you're sweeving, there's a feedback feature where you can give your opinion about a site. I have to recommend that you keep in mind that you should not be too judgmental when voicing your opinion about people's site. There are some that might not like what you say, just remember this saying my mother told me: "If you can't say something nice than don't say nothing at all." I think that is very wise advice when giving feedback to people about their site, the people on here are all wanting to make money and they believe in what they are promoting.

Moving on to the number three reason I like it over here, and that is you can say when you want your site to be shown to others by making bids and choosing the time of the day to show it. The higher your bid is, the more likely your site will be shown first doing the hour you choose. I always make my bids be 130 credits or you can use the suggested bid for the hour you want your site to be shown. If YOU use the bid amount I recommended you have a better chance of being first in the rotation, and it's a fair way for everyone because it's based on the bid you make. If you have credits, use them because that's what they are for. The whole purpose is to get your site seen, and that is how you can get instant website traffic at Sweeva. This may lead to signups and sales if your page gets people attention. This is what YOU want, and it's a very important key to success online. One more thing that I do after logging in each day, you should check to see if you have comments on any of your sites that you added and if the comment is a good one then go to each one profile and thank them for their comments and introduce yourself.

Why do you want to do this?

The search engines will index the profile comment you have made and this is a backlink to your Sweeva profile where people can see your business website. I know this is so because I have seen my comments on Google from Sweeva. Social Browsing on Sweeva is Pretty cool!

Now you see why I go to this site everyday.

The fourth reason I like Sweeva is, the compensation they give you. Even if you are a free member you can still earn money when you tell others and they decide to upgrade, you do get paid and you can use that and get more credits, so that you can keep showing your sites to other Sweeva members that's on here.

The more people you get to join, free or paying means that more people will be viewing your sites. The money part is not the only reason I like it, it's because they reward you so well when you come here on a daily basis and just sweeve 10 sites a day, you get what they call experience points and they increase each day that you do it consecutively. As your XP gets higher you begin to level up and at some point you will rank up (it can  go higher and higher), and then you get rewarded with credits and experience points which is very good. I must ask YOU to check out my rank below, they are very generous with the rewards they give to you for ranking up. Which I use to show my business websites.

Lastly what I enjoy the most is meeting people on here and getting to know them, and connecting with them on other social sites like Facebook, Twitter or IMFaceplate. So it would be to your advantage to put up the social sites you are on because it will be very advantageous for getting to know people and building relationships. So that's why I go to Sweeva everyday.

I thank you for your time, and you can see my Sweeva widget below with all my stats and you can just click on it and join from there.


  1. I joined and upgraded.

    1. Awesome Betty and I believe you will love it as I do. Remember 10 a day is the Sweeva way. Good luck with your advertising. Have a great day and week ahead.