Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brain Power - The Mind And The Brain.

Today's guest writer is "The Vita Woman" Ann Moses. She has written a very thought provoking topic that is designed to make each and everyone that reads it THINK! So read what Ann has to say today.

When it comes to allowing my brain to receive positive thoughts about myself and how I am going to build my business, I am constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to brand myself online to build the relationships in helping people for free.
There are many idea starters that I can implicate into building my business. My brain gives me thoughts like these, only because I put deep focus on building my business every day and night; the thoughts come to mind as these: top 10 list, myth busters that disapprove common thinking, do’s and don'ts, PDF reports, checklist, FAQs, instructions and fill in the blanks worksheets. The list goes on.

I have two powerful thoughts that stay on my mind a lot. This is how the Bible says it: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..........Proverbs 23:7. What this tells me is that if you have good thoughts about whatever it is you are trying to achieve because it is in your heart, you can think your way out of a situation. This is the power of the BRAIN. If I lose my mind I don’t have anything. Then there is the second powerful thought that I live by: “In order to get something I have never had I got to do something I have never done.”

In order for me to keep my brain/mind together with the positive energy I made the choice to be a part of a masterful mastermind group. Being a part of this group allows my mind to tap into the other members of the team and brainstorm various subjects. Since, I am tapping into this positive flow of energy my mind is able to travel to places where it has never been. Then I can see a bigger picture of where I am going in building my online business. It brings me to this point I am lead by those thoughts on how my brain has entered the positive energy to be applied to my brain/mind.

It is a fact that we all have the power to be successful, to have wealth, dreams, visions, desires and overall to be prosperous which includes our health (our minds). We must allow your minds to flow with positive thoughts and energy to gain the success that we desire to have. Focus on happy feelings and thought oppose to sad ones.

This is how I will have the lifestyle of my dreams and allow the power of my mind to be in full control of what I want. I know that the sky is the limit! There is nothing impossible for me to have in my life.

Please take a few minutes to visit Ann's site below, this information is for women and men to learn more about Menopause.

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  1. We gotta be a part of something big by tapping into the excitement that others have and then others when we are out and about will be wanting to approach us. "It is just like the song, we are the white team the white team everywhere we go people want to know, who we are so we tell them."

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. This post has a lot of truth.
    Everything starts with the mind. That is why it is so important to have consistent positive thoughts.