Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ever wonder Why So Many People Fail In MLM?

Today I want to introduce Carolyn Almennigen, she is a very good friend of mine, I am so honored and privileged that she is a guest writer on my blog. She is a very smart person that I respect. I know you will enjoy reading her post today. Now I will let you read the brilliant post she has written. Have a great day everyone who visits here today and in the future.

Of course! You may be wondering why you yourself always fail. Here's something to think about. Almost everyone hates selling. I know I do; I'd much rather do almost anything else than sell something.

But if you try to forget about selling at all and just try to find out what the other person wants, and help him get it, that's different. That's helping others, which is something we like to do. It makes us feel good inside. Help someone discover what he wants. Give him choices about how to get it, and let him decide what to do. No selling, just laying the choices out there for him and stepping back.

Don't worry about his choice - it's out of your hands. When we think we know what the other person wants is when we get into trouble. Just point at options and let them make their OWN decisions. You can't read his mind, so don't judge his choices. Just help him see the possibilities and wait and see what happens.

Thanks to my very good friend Carolyn Almennigen for writing this post and giving her insight on this very important question.

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  1. A Great Way To Get Traffic For Life Is By Asking Your Prospect What it is you want like this:

    Would it be okay if?

    Do you know anyone?

    Because that way you are talking to his subconcious mind and then you will not be considered firehosing him.

    Lawrence Bergfeld