Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog Syndication - Bufferapp Will Make Your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin Life Easier

Good day everyone, I have some fantastic news to share with you.

I have discovered a site called Bufferapp that will allow you to send tweets, share content on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin while you are away from your computer or sleeping.  You choose how you want to use this great tool.

Yeah, yeah I know what you are thinking, you have seen this before. Bufferapp is different and the reason why I say that is because it's not like any of those other applications that's out.

I am going to share how I use it.

As always I am going to keep it real and let you know that the only reason you want to do this is, so that you can spend your time getting to know your new Twitter followers, Facebook and Linkedin friends.

This is what will happen when you are sharing content that has value for your reader.

You can schedule to tweet content every two to three hours. Now the best practice is to tweet six to eight time per day.  You want to tweet your content about 30 percent of the time and 70 percent should be other people's content. The reason you want to do it this way is because you don't want to come off as self promoting. This is a turn off for people and they will not follow you. So you definitely want to do it the correct way. One more thing to say, you can generate leads by tweeting at least two capture pages per day. Remember make your message a great one. Twitter is a viral platform and very beneficial if you take the time to learn the correct way to use it.


Now as for Facebook and Linkedin, here's where you want to change it up a bit.


You want to schedule what you are sharing about three times in a day to these social and business sites. Facebook is a social site mainly and Linkedin is where you can meet other business people.

A social site is just that, it's used primarily for socializing, getting to know people that you have added. You surely don't want to be posting no more that 3 status updates for your friends to see, especially if you don't really know them that well. What you should post is something to catch your friends attention so that you can get some interaction going on. When they see your post, and they make a comment on your status then this is a good way to start communicating with them.

As for Linkedin, this site can really be a benefit for your business because you can meet a lot of potential partners and clients here. So the information that you want to share here should be business related, you could share a great internet marketing tool or lead and traffic generation. Just as long as the information that you are sharing is beneficial to improve their business. This is what will interest the connections that you make on Linkedin.

I usually set my tweets in the evening to go out the next day (I begin my tweets in the morning) because this is The Slight Edge, if someone likes the information that you are sharing, they will be waiting to see more from you because this is the time they are online. Once you find a good schedule where you are getting followers daily then you should stick with it. Now be sure and follow them back so that you can see what they are tweeting. This is how you will learn about the person who you are following and the reason you are scheduling your tweets in the first place. Your goal is to make a connection so that you can meet and get know people.

The last thing I want to say about Bufferapp is, when you invite your friends to join. It's a win win because you both get a free buffer.

A buffer means that you can share more content. They give you 10 buffers to start, so this means that you can set this up right away. I have been using it since May 31, 2012 and I like it very much.

Here is your invitation to join ==> Bufferapp and if you need help with setting this up, don't hesitate to contact me at my business page. Just click on my name below.

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"


  1. I've used bufferapp and I love it. Recommend it as well. Thanks Terri.

  2. I will definitely be contacting you in the next couple weeks; I will register and then let you know how it goes.

  3. Thanks for sharing information on this interesting program Terri. Shared to G1

  4. Thanks again Terri for your helpful information. I shared on LInkedIn, Twitter and Google. Look forward to learning more from you.

  5. I have started using buffer to promote my Podcast. Since sharing the link to the direct download link to my mp3 episode. After using buffer, my downloads have jumped 50%. Does anyone know why this is? Is it a bot? Should I take these stats seriously?

  6. Thank you Terri I am now using Bufferapp.